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Here’s what you can expect from us when we initially come to you for a quote

Quotes for security solutions should never be done over the phone or via email. Unfortunately it happens more often than not, that exactly those quotes are given via phone. We will always come to you to get a gauge on your property, because your building and business are unique. This requires for us to asses your building and ensure we cover all your needs, instead of providing you with a solution that works for everyone, because those really don’t work for most people. We make sure you get the right system for your building and for your needs.

Call or Email us
Call or Email us
Either call or email us and we will get back to you within 12 hours. It is important to us that you receive prompt service from the first day on, that is why we guarantee to be in contact with you in no time.
We will set up a time with you that will work for you and your business. Whether we have to do after hours or on the weekends, we will make ourselves available and work around your schedule. We will also set a definite time, and not a window of time.
When we do a walk-through of your building, we will check your entire building, measure all the distances and also check your existing equipment. This way we can ensure that you we do not run into surprises when doing the install.
You will have a quotation in hand from us within 24 hours. For larger jobs it might be a little longer, because we want to ensure we use the best products for your application. If it might be longer, we will inform you of that after the walk-through.
When we personally present you with your quotation, we will walk through it together and make sure you understand what we are recommending. From there we can make changes to the quotation, or get it accepted right on the spot.
Since we are dealing with security solutions, time is of the essence. Once the quotation is accepted, we will set an installation date with you. Depending on the part availability, we will make it as soon as possible, usually within a few days.

Our Guarantees for your Installation



When we make an appointment with you we ensure to arrive on time for that appointment. We will not give you a window of time, but we will set a solid time, so you don’t have to sit around waiting for the sales person to show up. Once we have done the walk-through we will ensure to have an estimate to you within 24 hours, unless it is a large job with major requirements, in that case we might need more time, but in that case we will discuss a proper time frame with you.



We will inspect your current equipment, your entire location and more, but we will make sure to stay out of your way. When taking a quote we want to make sure that we cover absolutely everything that we need to know, but we will ensure that we stay out of your way.



When quoting security solutions, it is absolutely crucial to be aware of the entire building, infrastructure in place as well as the way the space is utilized. As such, we make sure we are as thorough as possible when doing the walk-through with you. This way we can make sure the camera lenses that we are recommending, as well the installation time and materials are all accurate. Our guarantee is to be very thorough when doing the walk-through and ensure that there will be no surprises when we come and do the install.



When running a business, intellectual property and confidential information are key to being successful. One of our promises entails that we will not disclose any information that we may run into while working with you and your company. Information will be shared internally within our company, as it may be required, but we do not allow any confidential information to travel outside of our organization. We wouldn’t want to have to expose our own business, as such we aim to provide the same level of service to you. Furthermore security equipment is meant to protect you, but if the information of the installation is leaked, it can make it much easier for someone to break into the building. We ensure that all data collected is completely confidential.



Our sales managers and associates are all fully trained to know our products inside out and have knowledge about the installation processes as well. We want to provide you with expert level service right from the start, while also ensuring we don’t run into unexpected surprises when we install all your equipment.

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