Is your security system in top shape?

Just like humans, technology can lose its ability to stay in top form. That’s why Authorized Security promotes regular maintenance and calibration services to ensure your devices and systems are continuing to perform their duty.  Scheduled cleaning of cameras, housing and cabinets, testing, repairs or replacements, and updating all software ensure that activities will continue to be tracked and recorded effectively. Monthly, quarterly or yearly packages are available.


Regular cleaning

Regular cleaning is absolutely recommended for security solutions. Software and hardware systems do not operate effectively if fans, gears and mechanics are clogged with dust, dirt, grime and odours. The cabinets that house all the electronics, the switches that route all the network traffic and even the camera lenses need some care every once in a while. Cleaning frequency is largely dependent on where the devices are stored.


Software updates

Today’s surveillance relies heavily on operating systems and software. In order to optimize parts of the software or fix flaws, updates are released on a regular basis. It is important to perform these updates to ensure that systems are up to date and warranties are maintained. We can schedule regular maintenance visits on-site or connected digitally, with a report that shows system status, improvements and recommendations for replacement or repair.


Device checkup

Are all the security devices on your network running well? Are the batteries in your uninterruptible power backups (UPS) older than three years? Are your system hard drives in good working order? These are just some of the questions we review with you to ensure every corner of your security technology is working properly. We will keep track of all these dates and performance statistics to ensure everything is running efficiently.

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