Suffering from a bad picture? We can help

Cameras are great, but nothing is worse than having a surveillance system that doesn’t give you a clear picture and might even be unreliable. Luckily, you have several options available to upgrade your existing equipment to a surveillance system that actually fits your needs. We are able to use existing wiring and in many cases even the existing cameras. This allows us to install new equipment or retrofit old surveillance equipment at minimal cost to you.

So what are your options?


Keep your existing cameras

You may be happy with your existing analog cameras but want to future proof your surveillance. By keeping your existing analog cameras but upgrading the recording device, you can get some improvement on the picture quality and recording capacities. You will have full control over the recording device (NVR), allowing you to get advanced plugins for the video and longer recording times. Most of all you are able to add more high definition cameras and slowly change the old analog cameras over to newer high definition surveillance cameras.


Keep some, upgrade some.

This is usually the best solutions for large installations. Many cameras don’t need to capture every last detail, but yet again some do. Upgrade only those analog cameras to the latest high definition cameras that need to capture details and keep the remaining cameras as analog cameras. This allows you to save costs, while getting the most out of your surveillance upgrade. You can maximize your identification of people at entrances and hallways. Then you can track them in open areas, with the data you collected through the high definition cameras.


Upgrade all cameras

Upgrading all cameras is usually the best option for smaller businesses. We are able to use existing wiring most of the time, and save on installation costs. All the existing analog cameras will be replaced with new high definition surveillance cameras. In this case, you can get the best high definition camera in all areas of your building. You can add new cameras and will be completely flexible on your video recording solution. Most of all you will be able to get a crystal clear picture from each and every camera in the building.

How it works

Modern cameras use the same networking technologies, that your computer, printer or other hardwired network devices use. Analog cameras on the other hand use analog signals, as the name suggests. Analog cameras and IP cameras had some trouble coexisting in the same environment, because of the different signals sent by each, and the restriction that the server could often only handle one type of camera.

The Solution:

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