Get a better picture without the investment

Hosted video surveillance with authorized security means that you don’t have to make a large investment to get a state of the art surveillance system in your building. We will install as many cameras as required to keep an overview over your facility and to protect your building from intruders. All the video collected will be streamed off-site to our hosted video surveillance servers, that will retain the recorded footage for as long as you require. You can view your cameras on-site, such as a screen in the office, on the-go from a mobile device or from your laptop on holidays. Even recordings, surveillance events and more are easily accessible and viewable through any of your devices.  Video surveillance has never been this easy and affordable.

So what are your options?


Flexible amount of cameras.

Your business deserves to be protected by cameras, and we offer exactly that. Our hosted video surveillance solutions make it easy to protect your building. You are no longer limited by your budget to a set amount of cameras. If you currently have a surveillance solution, but would like to see more, then we can make that happen. We install the cameras at no up front costs and you are able to enjoy the view over your entire property. Don’t stop at the bare minimum. Create the optimal surveillance solution with our hosted surveillance products.


Flexible storage

If you add more cameras, more storage is required. Which usually means either a new server or costly hard drives. With our solutions we can add cameras at any time and have them running within minutes. Should you decide down the road that your business could benefit from having additional recorded footage, beyond what you initially decided, we can get that provisioned within a few minutes and have the new recording target set, so you can look back further into the past. You also have the ability to view your recording from any device anywhere you go.


System Design

Having the optimal surveillance design right from the start is key. We will design a surveillance system that will cover all areas that you want covered. With our hosted surveillance platform this becomes extremely affordable for you. We dont just stop at the camera locations and wiring, but also ensure you are able to rely on the cameras we provide. Power backups, enclosures for networking equipment, alarm systems and more are what we look for. We ensure to design the optimal system for your application. Anything is possible with our hosted video surveillance solutions.

How it works

Hosted video surveillance works much like traditional video surveillance, but without housing the recordings on site at each of the locations. a hosted video surveillance solution will still have all the same cameras that you would usually have at your location. The only difference that will be on site is the recording solution. Instead of having a bulky server and large power backups in place for everything, all you will have is a device to power and connect all the cameras. The cameras automatically connect with our servers and everything is set up during installation, when the install is completed you will be able to view your cameras right away. All video is securely stored on our servers and only accessible with your personal login, and anyone that you have given authorization to within your company. You have full control over managing the users that have access to the video surveillance interface, viewing and playing back video that has been collected. Viewing events that have been recorded and so much more. The interface is a very intuitive solution, that allows you to have full control over your organizations security from anywhere you go. Access is possible at any location that you have an internet connection, via your smartphone, tablet or computer. Stay connected and informed in real time, whether you are out visiting clients, on holidays or in the office. Who said you couldn’t be multiple places at a time? We can make it happen.

Hosted video surveillance for multi-location businesses

Multi-location businesses such as restaurants, franchises and businesses with multiple branches across the country can all benefit from our hosted video surveillance solutions. All locations can be outfitted with cameras and all recordings will be hosted off site on our secure surveillance servers. This creates massive savings up front as we are eliminating the entire recording infrastructure on site. To view the cameras, we can have screens on-site and any device can be used to view the cameras over the internet. Different privilege settings allow that only the owner or head office has the overview over all locations, the manager of each location and only see their location and the district manager may be able to see all locations they manage. All this can be changed on the fly by any of the system administrators, in case someone is laid off or quits. Our easy to use platform allows even novice users to navigate it very easily and the ability to view from anywhere allows you to keep an eye on your locations wherever you are.

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