Embedded Video Recording Servers

Embedded Video Surveillance Servers are an affordable choice for video recording.

Embedded video surveillance servers are a great solution for a cost effective video surveillance solution. These servers are usually offered with a fixed channel number, such as 4, 8 or 16 channels. Every channel corresponds to a camera. The servers oftentimes feature a built in way to power the cameras and have an easy to use interface for video viewing and playback. The downside to these devices is the fixed channel number. Should you want to add more cameras later on, you may run out of channels and have to buy an entirely new server. The other downside is the storage capacity. Adding more cameras will take away from your storage capacity. Unfortunately the storage with these types of surveillance servers is oftentimes limited. Hard drives will have to be added to the system, but they are usually limited to only two hard drives per system.

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Hikvision Embedded Surveillance Servers

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