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Website Hosting Solutions for small business to enterprise

Web Hosting involves more than just providing a server space that will allow potential customers or existing customers to review your service offerings. Web sites can be complex and require attention in order to function properly. Our Web Hosting solutions are feature-rich, managed solutions that allow you to pay attention to your business, instead of wasting your time on your website. Our web hosting service offers a managed platform offering regular security scans, automated updates, scheduled backups, load balancing for high traffic website and active protection from DDOS attacks. Choosing the right hosting solution for your website is important, that’s why we offer a service that even hosts this website.

WordPress Optimized Hosting

What’s better than having a host that will take care of the specific website needs for the platform that your website is using? Most hosting companies provide a server that can run a wide variety of Content Management Systems (CMS), though there is no such thing as a jack of all trades in the hosting world. Instead, our servers are optimized to run WordPress websites, and nothing else. After evaluation a variety of platforms we found WordPress to be the most reliable and easiest to use for end-users, allowing you to make your own changes on your website if required.

Honeywell Lyric family products
Honeywell Lyric controller and SiX wireless sensors

Active Security Scanning & Monitoring

As with any web content, security is becoming more and more of a problem. Every web connected device is a vulnerable point, the same goes for websites. Our hosting solutions are fully protected and fail-over equipped. In the event that a website is breached and malicious content is installed on the site, the harmful content will be immediately captured, removed and the site will be hardened to prevent another attack. In the event of a Denial of Service attack, where hundreds or thousands of computers attempt to bring a website to its knees, our hosting solutions are prepared. Should a DDoS attack be targeting your website, the load will be blocked and diverted allowing seamless access to your website for your potential and existing clients.

Content Delivery Network & SSL’s

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) speeds up the access to your website, based on where the computer viewing it is located. The CDN has a variety of server locations allowing for the website content to be served to the computer from a location closer to it, speeding up the process. Our hosting platform includes the CDN service at no extra charge, providing better search engine rankings and easier access to your website for every visitor. SSL certificates are another free add-on to our hosting service, providing additional security for your visitors and the ability to process credit cards on e-commerce websites.

Honeywell Lyric family products
Honeywell Lyric controller and SiX wireless sensors

Managed Backups & Updating

Backups are crucial for the proper operation of a website. Sometimes a plugin or update may go wrong, without a proper update, hours or even months of work can be lost. Our platform automatically provides daily backups, with the ability to schedule them. For every automatic update, the system will automatically run a backup to ensure the data integrity every time. Rolling back to an earlier version is extremely easy as well, and only takes a few minutes. Our hosting service also allows for regular updates of the WordPress core, without the need for any user input. This ensure the maximum security of the install, and the best compatibility with all browsers for the best possible user experience.

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