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When choosing your Integration Partner, trust is the first step.
Let us show you what we are made of.

Our Story

Authorized Security was founded with a simple vision, to provide  solutions to our clients that will
fulfill their needs with products that we would trust our own security to.

Any single event can define the direction of a business. For Authorized Security Founder and President Wolfgang Reger, it was a break-in of his family home that moved him to change the commercial and residential security experience.

After recovering from the experience of compromised personal space and lost beloved items, he quickly set out to help others feel secure in their environment, whether at work, home, or play. Since launching Authorized Security in 2012, the team has provided many customers with a combination of reliable and advanced technological equipment with personalized service that fits the activity levels and monitoring needs of corporations and families.



Our Mission

We succeed by delivering security and monitoring solutions that fit each business and circumstance. We deliver services that offer more than you expect including personalized service and advanced technology, to meet evolving market needs. We also attract honest, intelligent and committed employees, ensuring they represent our brand with professionalism, and come to work every day in a positive, safe and team-oriented environment.

Our Vision

Authorized Security will be the security provider of choice across North America, providing trusted technology, service, safety and a dynamic experience for client, employees and other stakeholders. We will push the limits of excellence, providing the finest and healthiest environments attainable in the commercial security industry.

Choose Well

Why Trust is important to us

We touch lives every day, and having our customers trust is crucial for us. The segments we serve, Life Safety, Security, Technology, all require attention to detail and the confidence they will function, that’s why we strive to earn your trust from the second we connect with you. Some of our promises are:


Every solution we propose is customized to the application. We do not provide "kits" or the lowest cost manufactures for our solutions. We stick with the systems that we know will work best for you and


You're likely no expert in our industry, after all, that is why you called us. We will spend the time to walk you through our propsals in person or via a webinar and will even help you review our competitors estimates, so you can paint a clear picture.


Not only do we have several ways you can contact us, but when you need us, we promise to be available to help. Simply call or email us and someone will assist you right away.

Our Team

Your New Technology Provider

Why Us?