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Get the Bigger picture

Video surveillance is about more than just mounting a camera. Proper design will ensure that you get the best picture every time, and have a system that matches your application.

our Video Surveillance Solutions

A picture is worth a thousand words, but only if it actually shows what you need it to. Let us guide you through the process of selecting the right camera for your application.

Recording the video your camera collects is one thing, but viewing it is another. With many applications oftentimes too complicated, we have the solutions that will make your experience a breeze.

 Your cameras can now do most of the heavy lifting. Let your camera detect intruders or even fire, discern between animals and cars, so you can rest assured your business is safe.

Audio Integration

Hearing is believing. Whether a trespasser needs to be told to leave the premises or you need to hear more detail, our systems can handle it all.

System Integration

Monitoring your intrusion alarm, your access control system, the intercom and your building’s management console is tedious. Learn how we use one interface for it all.

We let you focus on your business and your private life, while we take care of the heavy lifting. Our video monitoring services help deter intruders, vagrancy and more, while keeping your premises safe.

How our Video Surveillance Solutions Can Help

Video surveillance can be an excellent tool for any business. The versatility goes far beyond recording the video of a security incident. Surveillance cameras oftentimes incorporate advanced analytics and can integrate with several platforms, allowing for the cameras to control aspects of any building and add in the protection and safety.

Video surveillance or CCTV systems as they are often referred to can aid in over-viewing building activity and ensure safety protocols are followed, machinery is functioning correctly and to even automate certain parts of the building. With modern analytics, cameras can detect and determine the difference between vehicles, animals and persons, allowing the camera to create events based on these criteria and even based on time. A vehicle during the early morning may cause a speaker to sound that the vehicle is trespassing, while a vehicle during they day may open a gate to allow for access.

When it comes to cameras and recording solutions, they have to be matched to perform the required task at hand. We have partnered with several reputable companies, offering integrations with access and intrusion systems to further enhance the video surveillance experience and to allow for a simpler interface for the operator, thus actually encouraging the use of the systems.

Temporary Surveillance

In some situations, it can be difficult to install video surveillance cameras, or they are only required temporarily for an event or construction project. We have a solution to protect any remote site from unauthorized access, but can take it a step further via the analytics on board to ensure safety protocols are met and work is proceeding as scheduled.
Our guardian units are a hybrid solar powered surveillance unit with a diesel backup generator for shorter days. It offers an eco-friendly solution to a problem that is faced by many construction sites, oil sites and even parking lots. With our LED lighting and 360 degree cameras, we can see in all directions while maximizing the image quality the camera can provide, day or night.
 Currently available in Nevada, Arizona, California, Washington, British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Our Trusted Manufacturers

Axis Communications Gold Solutions Partner Logo


Axis is the leader in the video surveillance segment with crystal clear images and excellent support to back their products. Axis offers integrations across Video, Audio and Access for an easy to use integrated systems.


IPConfigure, through their Orchid platform, offers a very robust video management software that is easy to use and integrated with other systems. The systems are cloud-ready and offer analytics integrations in one easy package.


Bosch achieves excellent image qualities through their partnership with Sony and offers the most versatile analytics experience onboard of a camera. With their intrusion, Audio and Access integration all systems connect.


Arcules is the Milestone Systems of cloud solutions. Arcules offers redundant recording to the cloud, easy access to all cameras and even analytics as part of the cloud. The cloud solution for business has arrived.


Milestone is the open platform when it comes to security environments. Through integrations with third-party systems such as access and intrusion, Milestone is the clear choice for a video management platform for any size.


Video surveillance requires a solid network back-end for the transfer of the data collected and to power the cameras. Netgear offers a wide range of networking hardware with lifetime warranties and impressive features.

Complimentary Services


Our consulting team can assist from the planning stage in designing video surveillance and recording setups for your next project.  


Video surveillance can deter crime and also aid as a tool to notify of any unwanted activity immediately as the activity unfolds with the proper monitoring tools.

Structured Cabling

Contrary to belief, when it comes to buildings, almost everything needs a cable running to it. Luckily we can design and install it for you.