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With our office located in the heart of Calgary, we serve customers across Alberta. Our services range from design builds to retro-fits, while also offering the maintenance and support for all systems.

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Services Offered in Calgary

Video Survellance

Not every camera is created equal and the harsh Alberta winters require special consideration. We can help you get a clear view.

Access Solutions

Doors and gates are prone to being affected by temperature changes and ice buildup. Our solutions are engineered for the climate.


Life safety, environmental and burglary monitoring provide protection for people and assets. We are a ULC listed provider.


The unique Alberta climate requires a design that can withstand the elements, we can help with a clear system layout.


Audio and video captivate the audience. Keep patrons in your store longer or hold more professional meetings.

Structured Cabling

From fiber optic cabling to copper cabling infrastructure, we can help with the design and installation including all cable tray and conduit.

Why Us?

Authorized Security was born in Calgary and has its roots here. Our familiarity with the Alberta climate and environment means that our systems can withstand even the coldest winters or hottest summers. Our product portfolio also allows us to meet the demands for most industries, from retail to manufacturing, education and even government and city deployments.

Our expert team is ready to assist with any questions and our full-service approach allows us to provide the solution that matches the application. With our consulting team, we can provide an in depth review of the site and also ensure the right systems are chosen for the site, to make it a successful integration. Our installation team can then take care of the install, top to bottom, from cabling infrastructure to the devices and the programming thereon. That’s where our service team then takes over and ensures your systems continue to run like they did on day one.

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