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24-7 Monitoring

You can’t always watch over your building. Protecting the security of your building by monitoring access points and common areas for any unauthorized access is important, but taking it a step further and monitoring for environmental and life safety dangers is absolutely crucial.

Our monitoring services


Intrusion Detection

Monitoring your premises for intrusion and vandalism not only lowers your insurance payment, but also protects from the significant impact a break in can have.

ULC Fire Monitoring

Many Canadian jurisdictions required fire alarm panels to be monitored up to the ULC standards. We are a ULC listed company for installation and monitoring.

Toxic gases, low temperatures, floods, they all pose threats to your premises and your occupants, protect them with our monitoring solutions.

Let Our Monitoring SOlutions Work For you

Our monitoring systems paired with your monitoring station not only provide a quick response, but also a comprehensive system that is easy to use. By pairing the system with the analytics on cameras, the alarm system can detect loitering and many other off-normal conditions. The integration goes beyond cameras by tying into your communication systems as well, allowing alarm messages to sound via the audio systems and in specific zones.

Our monitoring responses can be completely customized to your needs, by calling specific people for specific events, dispatching guards for other events and offering additional information via the remote apps that come standard with our systems. View the cameras, the alarm system status and trigger events from the easy to use app.

The systems we offer can monitor for a wide range of events such as intrusion via motion detectors, door contacts and more advanced detection systems. Our offerings also include environmental monitoring, which allows the monitoring system to detect and react to floods, low or high temperature alerts or even toxic or explosive gases, such as hydrogen, propane, carbon monoxide and many more. All these environmental alerts can trigger customized responses, evacuation sequences and even trigger shut downs or enable building venting.

The ease of these systems is crucial to us, that is why everything is integrated into one centralized monitoring solution, even if multiple systems are working together to monitor for all the required hazards. .

Our Trusted Manufacturers


Bosch offers one of the most advanced solutions for intrusion and environmental detection on the market. With several integrations for cameras and access control, these systems are versatile and reliable.


As one of the most popular manufacturers in the intrusion industry, DSC offers a range of control panels and very innovative wireless technologies that allow for connections over a mile apart.


Honeywell, now Resideo, is a mainstay in the intrusion detection market. With innovative wireless technologies and robust control panels, Honeywell can ensure the premises are protected every hour of the day.


Optex offers an advanced range of indoor and outdoor motion detectors, laser detector and beams. Some models include Inovonics enabled wireless technologies and integrate with other platforms for maximum security.


With an extensive line of gas detection modules, Macurco leads the market for gas detection. From combustible to toxic gases, Macurco can monitor the levels and conditions and create custom alerts depending on the levels.


Inovonics is a leader in wireless detection technologies. With a wide range of detectors and the highest capacities, large deployments of wireless devices are very easy and highly reliable.

How We Can Help

24-7 Monitoring

Our monitoring stations are located across North America and offer 24 hour monitoring for any conditions your premises may encounter.

Advanced Systems

Our systems are easy to use, yet very powerful. With our Bosch monitoring panels, we can integrate with your CCTV and access, and also use cameras as sensors.


Our monitoring solutions go beyond the intrusion aspect, by protecting from Toxic gases, floods, low and high temperatures and many more threatening conditions.