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Communication is essential, whether it is day to day or during an emergency. With Phone Systems, Intercom Solutions and Network Audio Equipment, we can make sure you get the right message across at all times.

Our Communication Solutions

From standard audio intercoms to multi-site video enabled intercom systems, we have the solutions to allow for entry and more, easily.

In case of an emergency timing and message clarity matters. Our solutions are reliable, easy to use and purpose built for the what if.

Network audio solutions allow for other systems to be integrated and the devices to be used for more than just background audio.

PA Systems or Mass Communication are important for campuses and large properties to get the message across.

Getting the right sound is key when it comes to your business. From background music to foreground venue music, we have you covered.

From directory screens to video displays and entire video walls, we can design and install entire video systems for your business.

What Communication Systems can do for you

We communicate every day, whether it be face to face, via text message, email or phone. Humans require communication to get things done, so why stop at the workplace?

Our communication solutions can solve a wide range of issues, whether it be announcements across an entire campus, or even multiple locations to emergency communications for after hours safety and security, as well as hazardous environments. Having the capability to simply press a button and communicate with someone that can address the immediate need someone has is not only convenient but also improves the safety and security of everyone involved.

Many of our systems solve more than one function, offering the capacity to play background music through an audio system but then sound a siren in case of a burglary alarm signal through the very same speakers. Similarly, the systems can also be used to push announcements through your video surveillance system, allowing you to use it as a deterrent or make an announcement from the very same app that you use to view your surveillance cameras.

As part of our communication systems, we offer a full range of audio/visual integrations as well, with commercial screens and advanced audio systems that are versatile and can be matched to any use-case scenario. From bass heavy music to houses of worship and restaurants requiring background music, our audio solutions can cover your next project with ease and will impress.

Our commercial screens are rated for 24 hour use, ensuring your message gets across when you need it. Additionally, the screens come with Android onboard, allowing easy integrations of apps, such as digital signage, menu board or even viewing applications for cameras or more. All of this in a sleek package that is user-friendly and reliable.

Our Trusted Partners


Commend offers solutions for just about any communication project, ranging from paging to intercoms and emergency call stations. Their software is very intuitive, flexible and is designed to aid the operator through security protocols in case of an emergency. Commend prides themselves in their reliability with environmental challenges presenting no match to their equipment.


Bosch offers a range of audio equipment addressing the need for background music, announcements and public address system, all while offering an open solution with a variety of integration solutions into alarm, access and camera systems. Bosch's solutions are extremely versatile and scale very easily, offering enterprise features to small systems and room to grow.


Aiphone is the go to manufacturer for simple to use intercom solutions. With a wide range of offerings and mobile device ready solutions, Aiphone enables communications for any door or gate application. The intercoms come with integrated cameras for knowing who is at the door and allow for the locking and unlocking of doors via the mobile apps and integrated systems.


As the pioneer of the IP camera, Axis is also an early pioneer in the network audio field. With intercom and PoE powered network speakers, Axis provides products for mass notification and entry intercom applications. As with all Axis products, they feature an open platform allowing these audio systems to integrate into your video management software.


Stentofon offers state of the art intercom solutions with their patented Turbine stations. Stentofon equipment is highly robust and features noise cancelling technology that allows for a conversation even in the noisiest environments.


Philips offers an advanced range of commercial screens. With Android natively on the screens, apps and custom applciations can be loaded with ease. The screens are designed and rated for commercial use always offering the image you need.


BiAmp offers one of the most versatile audio ranges of any manufacturer. From small systems to concert venues and PA systems, BiAmp can confidently offer a solution for any use-case scenario and surpass any requirements.


Bose offers complete sound solutions with no compromise. The quality is true to Bose's consumer products and matches the solution to any application from small restaurants to entire venues requiring full sound and capabilities.

How We Can Help

Install & Design

Our services range from design through installation and the service to keep everything functioning like new.

System Integration

Your audio, video and communication systems should all be linked for an immersive experience. Be able to notify the entire building in case of an emergency, while keeping controls local.


We don't have to rely on subcontractors, allowing us to take care of your systems without any additional wait or frustration.



The right design for audio, video and communcations systems is crucial. The sound needs to reach all areas, video needs to be seen and communications need to be accessible. Let us help you get it right the first time around.


As part of our full service offerings we not only design systems but also install them. Our installations are full service from cabling to the final system components and commissioning, we take care of it all.


What happens to your systems once they are installed? We assist with easy maintenance plans or break-fix support for all of your systems. One number to call for all of your technology needs with immediate service and support.

Complimentary Services


Our consulting team can assist from the planning stage in designing access systems and coordinating door hardware before the shovel hits the ground.   


Having a system controlling your doors is great, but only as great as the people watching over it. We can help with our monitoring solutions.

Structured Cabling

Contrary to belief, when it comes to buildings, almost everything needs a cable running to it. Luckily we can design and install it for you.