Get the Message Across

Public Announcement or Mass Notification systems are great for communicating a message to crowds across a wide area, but also offer integration and music capabilities.

Public Announcement / Mass Notification

PA (Public Announcement) Systems are great tools to speak to a specific section of a building or throughout an entire campus. The versatility these systems offer allows for the same system to play background music or play pre-recorded messages throughout the day, all without requiring any additional input. In the event of an emergency, the system can automatically switch to a separate mode, again playing a pre-recorded message or allowing for an operator to address the occupants.

Through networking and zoning, PA systems can form part of conference room systems, background music systems and even dedicated music arrays used for concerts or arenas. The zoning allows the operator to address only parts of the building they would like to speak to, while permission sets can also prevent them from addressing areas they should not have access to.

Networking the systems means connecting all amplifiers and sources together, allowing for easy control over the individual zones and the sharing of input sources. This allows the content to be individualized for each zone or the same throughout the entire system. From schools to airports and manufacturing facilities, these systems offer the flexibility to grow with the size of the organization, while offering the same feature-sets for small to large properties.

How Radar WOrks

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