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Infrastructure is Key

Much like a city requires proper planning for roadways, it is crucial to have the correct cabling infrastructure to run the building in place. Fiber and copper cabling is needed to connect building technologies and to enable communications for the occupants of the building.

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Fiber Optics

Fiber optic cabling is ideal for long distance and high bandwidth connections. We have the tools and partnerships to make it happen.

Copper Cable

Copper cabling is the default cable for almost any connection. We can install and certify any copper infrastructure.


Getting the cable to the right place is one thing, but making sure it works is another. We can certify cabling installs and provide full reports.

How We Can Help

Cabling is at the heart of most connectivity that we enjoy on a daily basis. Even a wireless connection requires a wired backbone to work. Our structured cabling services range from the design of an entire building or campus network to the installation and finally the certification of the entire system.

When it comes to cabling, future-proofing is key. Once a building is built, it can be tedious to add cable and fish it to the right spot. Even if it is possible, it is going to be costly. Installing more cable than initially required is always a smart investment, as the buildings infrastructure can then grow with the occupants without major additions or modifications to the backbone.

We work with all major cable manufacturers and are certified to work with both copper and fiber optics, from cable pulling to termination and the certification of the entire network.

Our team can install and maintain cable tray and conduits for the structured cabling infrastructure, minimizing the need for other trades in the structured cabling process. In addition, we can supply all necessary equipment from racking to patch panels and cassettes, whether it is a single data closet or an entire data-center, we have the partnerships to supply the right equipment for the project.

Power distribution is another important factor for building technologies. Not only does everything need to be powered, but it also needs to continue in the event of a power failure. With power distribution controllers, power backups and uninterruptible power supplies, we can solve all the power issues any of the equipment on site may end up facing.

Our Trusted Manufacturers


CommScope is an innovative cabling manufacturer offering category and fiber cabling options, along with all the required peripherals to facilitate communications.


Belden is one of the most versatile cabling manufacturers with a wide range of category, fiber and multi-pair copper cable, Belden provides the right cable for any project.


Great Lakes Cabinets offers a range of racking and power management solutions for any size deployment. With specialty solutions, Great Lakes is sure to have the right product for the job.


Hubbell is an electrical and communications manufacturer with a range from cabling to distribution and even power systems for a small office all the way to city deployments.


APC is a mainstay provider for power distribution and backup solutions. As the leader in the industry, APC offers anything from Desktop power to entire data-center systems.


Middle Atlantic specializes in custom racking solutions. From small wall mount systems to multi-rack high availability systems, Middle Atlantic can provide the solution

From Start to Finish


Let us help you get all the cable to the right spot. From the correct terminations and locations in the field to the proper racking layout in the data room, everything needs to be planned.


Once the deign is complete, we can assist with the installation of the infrastructure, pulling and terminating all cable, while also offering certification and proper dressing of all cable.


While most cabling is generally maintenance-free, we can assist with maintaining the moving parts of the system, such as the power distribution, switches, and peripherals.

Complimentary services


Once the cable is run, the right cameras and recording systems need to be installed, we can help with that too.


Access control requires cable at most doors. Specifying the correct cable and and matching it with the door type is crucial.


Opening doors via an intercom, or playing audio over a speaker system, all of it requires cable, let us help you with your new systems.