Open Doors Easily

Intercoms make it easy to pre-screen a visitor, ensuring they get to the right location. Intercoms can also be used for inter-building or inter-department communications, allowing the right message to get across every time.


Intercoms are truly an undervalued tool for visitor management and communications. They allow for the screening of visitors before they enter your building, with two-way voice communications and even video. As part of the communication, the decision can be made to let the visitor in, with the press of a button. Picking the right intercom for the job is essential, as the video and audio quality matter very much to get a clear image and understanding of who is asking to be let in.

Intercoms are more than just a door control tool, with emergency call stations and inter-facility communication playing a big role for intercom systems. The capability for a full two way conversation and the availability of integrated screens allows for both parties to lead a full conversation. This can be used as a help-station throughout a campus offering the ability to lead the way for visitors or customers.

The screen on an intercom can be utilized as a tool for advertising or also a directory. Should the visitor not be able to help themselves via the directory, a click of a button will allow them to call for help and get the necessary information right then. This eliminates the need for help-desks and also minimizes the need for staffed locations, funnelling the calls to one centralized location, whether on-site or off-site.

Multi-tenant locations present another challenge, with simple intercoms oftentimes only providing the capability to talk to the visitor, often with poor audio quality. Several platforms are moving towards mobile apps with the capability to see the person on the other end and have a clear conversation. Many apartments do not have a clear access strategy for intercom access, oftentimes ruining the security of the entire facility, as occupants will simply allow access upon the buzzing of the intercom.

Intercoms need to withstand the elements, whether it is extreme cold or extreme heat, while providing the same functionality it would on a normal day. That’s why picking the right device for the location is crucial, especially when it comes to help or emergency functionality.

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