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Bosch Security Systems

Bosch offers a wide range of security systems, including video surveillance, access control, alarm monitoring and audio systems. As part of their strategy all their systems are deeply integrated, providing a very powerful, yet easy to use experience, and protecting your premises highly effectively.


For over 100 years, Bosch has constantly been improving upon existing technologies and developing new technologies on the way. As a major supplier to the automotive industry, Bosch has experience manufacturing electronics for unique environments and ensuring they are durable. Through their Building Technologies arm, Bosch creates products that address the growing needs for smarter buildings, such as security and fire alarm offerings. Among other things, Bosch is also investing in the Internet of Things space and has the capability to pull in their developers from other departments to maximize their potential across all industries they serve. Namely, the Bosch video surveillance developers collaborate very closely with the developers on their self-driving vehicle division, allowing for their analytics to be cutting edge and ahead of the competition.

With a wide range of offerings and integrations across these systems, Bosch is the clear choice for most businesses looking for an easy to use, yet powerful solution to their smart building gaps.

While it is a different division, this is the same Bosch that likely built your dishwasher and most of the electronics for the automotive industries. This clearly illustrates the quality and commitment to technology that Bosch has.

Our Certifications

We are proud to say Authorized Security is a Certified Integrator of Bosch Security products. We are certified for both the B and G Series monitoring panels that Bosch offers. In addition we are certified with their AMS Access Control Products and their Video Surveillance lineup. Bosch is one of our preferred manufacturers because of their broad product offerings, excellent support and industry leading quality

Segments Served

Video Surveillance

Bosch offers video surveillance cameras that are superior in quality to most other manufacturers. Through a partnership with Sony, Bosch has the latest video chips and the crispest picture on the market. With a wide range of cameras, such as dome, bullet, fisheye and multi-sensor cameras, Bosch can cover just about any surveillance need. Bosch Security has also partnered with their self-driving vehicle division to offer the latest in video analytics at no additional cost on all their cameras. From loitering and heatmapping to identifying whether an object is a person, vehicle or animals, these cameras can do it all.


When it comes to monitoring an alarm system, whether it is for burglary, fire alarms or environmental alerts, reliability is at the forefront. Bosch offers a highly flexible system that can communicate via four different communication paths at the same time, allowing for maximum reliability. The system comes with an easy to use app and the possibility to integrate the Bosch video surveillance and access control systems into it. Through the integration, the cameras can notify the monitoring station in the event of someone loitering or another off-normal event. This frees you to run your business, and minimizes false alarms for when it really counts.

Access Control

Getting in and out is easy, but how the system managing these doors behaves, is the important part. Bosch offers a fully integrated system that not only makes managing your cardholders a breeze, but offers advanced features, such as arming and disarming the alarm with the swipe of a card, or having the system create events based on the video surveillance analytics. With these features, the Bosch access software can become your security hub, whether you have one building or a worldwide operation.


While Audio system seem straight forward, Bosch has a very unique position when it comes to these systems. Sound quality in a PA system, background music or even a concert audio system is essential, something Bosch does very well. In addition to their sound quality, all of the Bosch audio equipment is network-able, linking entire buildings or venues for distributing audio across an entire campus. These network features also allow for integration with other Bosch systems, such as the alarm systems. In the event of a burglary, the system can sound warning messages and deter the thief or in case of a fire, the audio can be silenced to allow occupants to hear the evacuation messages, something most other audio systems cannot accomplish.

Product Spotlight

Bosch 3000 Series Cameras

The Bosch 3000 Series cameras are small but mighty. With a full suite of analytics built right into the camera and options for two or five megapixel image sensors, these cameras make sure you see everything that is important to you. With a variety of form factors, between dome, bullet, micro dome and even turret style cameras, this series of camera is the ideal starting point for a small business camera deployment. Through the integration with Bosch intrusion and access control, these cameras can function as sensors for the alarm system after hours and allow for easy review of any access event .

Adams Rite G100 glass door lock
Range of Medeco XT locks and keys

Bosch B/G Series Control Panels

The Bosch B and G Series Monitoring panels are arguably the most functional system on the market. With multiple communication paths and combinations, the systems are able to communicate signals quickly and reliably, ensuring the right message gets delivered immediately. While the B Series panels are limited in terms of users and points, these panels still offer all the features the G series panels offer. The G Series panels allow for the possibility for a small business access control deployment in addition to all the intrusion and fire monitoring capabilities these systems already have. Through a user friendly keypad interface, an app across all platforms and with integrations into most major access control and video surveillance platforms, Bosch’s monitoring panels are a clear leader for this market segment.

Bosch Audio - Dynacord and Electrovoice

Bosch offers a full audio line through their subsidiaries Dynacord and Electrovoice. While PA systems are a focus, Bosch can also offer background and venue music deployments, or all in one systems. With innovative technologies, reliable equipment and a broad product line, Bosch ensures that all audio needs are met. Bosch is a leader in networking solutions in the audio segment, allowing most devices to be networked and connected via the buildings LAN. This allows for audio to be distributed through the entire building and offers easy control over these systems, via touchscreen and web interfaces. With a wide range of speakers and microphones, Bosch ensures they can meet the needs for almost any project.

Bosch AMS 3.0

Access control doesn’t need to be difficult. Bosch’s AMS (Access Management Software) offers an easy to use platform that is powerful and versatile. The Bosch AMS integrates into most other Bosch products for a seamless experience of intrusion, access and video through on centralized platform. AMS allows for multi-site deployment, easy visitor management and even lock-downs for campus scenarios, all via easy to program shortcuts and features. As is the case with all their other platforms, Bosch has prioritized the data security and privacy protection of this system, ensuring all data is safe and secure at all times.