Call for help

When it comes to an emergency, communications need to be clear and efficient, while being easy to use. The call for helps needs to be answered right away and the correct response needs to be initiated.

Emergency Communications

An emergency is likely the most crucial event for an intercom system. Not only does the communication need to function every time, but it also needs to be crystal clear, to make sure the message gets across every time. While no one hopes for an accident to occur, systems need to be in place to ensure the proper response is sent, should an incident occur.

Through emergency communication systems, a sequence of operations can automatically be initiated. From the automatic unlocking of doors to allow for egress, cameras activating and recording all activity until the all clear is given and sirens or strobes being triggered throughout the facility to signal the incident, everything can be done at the push of a button. The call can be routed to the authorities or to an operations center, allowing the proper response to be triggered. For communication systems with multiple buttons, several phone destinations can be programmed, allowing for inter-facility communications and emergency communications via the same system.

Many hazardous areas require any electronics to carry special ratings, such as Class 1 Div 2 ratings to minimize the risk of explosions. Sourcing the right equipment for such a location, while ensuring all requirements for communication are met is crucial. Many of these areas also operate loud equipment, further increasing the need for a system that can handle the background noise and still facilitate a clear conversation, especially during an emergency.

How Commend's Emergency Mode Works

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