Watch when you can't

Video monitoring changes video surveillance systems from a reactive technology to a proactive technology. Catch potential intruders before anything happens. Securing your property and protecting your assets has never been easier.

Video surveillance monitoring

Without constant monitoring, video surveillance systems are a reactive technology. When something happens, the video footage is reviewed and possible information extracted. Video surveillance can be a more powerful tool with active video monitoring. Having an operator watching the surveillance cameras allows potential intruders or thieves to be caught in the act, minimizing the impact a possible intrusion or theft may cause for your business. Paired with network audio solutions and radar, these systems can be highly effective and immediately detect a trespasser before they engage in potentially criminal activity. 

Video surveillance monitoring solutions can provide better security for your facilities and safety for your team members. Monitoring the surveillance cameras during business hours can further allow for loss prevention strategies to be implemented and additionally provide the opportunity to catch any safety infractions in the act, maximizing worker safety. Specialty cameras, such as flame detection cameras and thermal cameras, allow for video monitoring to be utilized in other scenarios beyond security.

With flexible monitoring schedules and customized plans, our video surveillance monitoring solutions are highly competitive and offer the necessary flexibility for any business. Our proven track record with actual convictions through cooperation with law enforcement speaks for itself.

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