Video & audio, a perfect match

Combining two-way audio systems with video surveillance systems offers an opportunity to listen but also communicate a message across a single speaker or an entire campus. The uses are limitless, what will your application be?

Video Surveillance Audio Integration

Surveillance video technologies are a great tool to catch illicit acts in progress or review any incidents afterward. But much like a silent movie, something is missing. Through an audio integration, microphones are utilized to listen to the activity on the screen. The integration will also allow for a message to be broadcast to an audience. Whether it is a two-way conversation in the case of an intercom or a campus-wide message for announcements, the integration allows for accessible communication. 

When paired with video monitoring solutions, the speakers can be utilized to warn potential intruders of the presence of the systems that caught them in the act. Speaking to intruders not only minimizes the risk to your property but also generally resolves the situation without any further intervention required. In the event of an active shooter situation or another hazard present, audio can also be used effectively. Through the video surveillance system, the operator is able to broadcast a clear message across entire buildings or campuses, regardless of size. Integrating a video surveillance system with network audio systems maximizes occupant safety and minimizes the risk to the property.

Our surveillance trailers utilize an audio integration combined with state-of-the-art video surveillance cameras and active video monitoring. This combination ensures the highest level of safety and security possible for any site these systems are deployed at.

Network audio for surveillance

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Bring your message across

Network audio allows for integration of security solutions with the power of sound. From sounding alerts, depending on security level, playing messages as a deterrent or for public address, audio has never been more versatile

What is Network Audio

Network audio is unique in that it places all devices all required devices, such as the amplifier, digital sound processor, and even a microphone right at the edge. The speaker is an all-in-one device, allowing it to function as a standalone device without the need for large banks of equipment in a central communication room. A single cable run will provide both power and data to the speaker while allowing it to be tied to the network as an addressable device.
Having your audio system as part of the network allows for several systems to provide audio through the speakers. Devices, such as cameras or radar units, can create customized triggers to sound pre-recorded messages or allow a guard to communicate via the speakers to act as a deterrent. The speakers can also be integrated into a phone system or act as a standalone public address system with full feature-sets, such as pre-recorded messages, speaker grouping, and more. Most of the network speakers feature built-in microphones for remote health monitoring, ensuring the speaker functions and automatic volume adjustment to make sure the message comes across clearly no matter the environment.

The integration of the systems can be facilitated through a device-to-device communication protocol or via video management software(VMS). The software can offer versatile functions by allowing multiple sources to trigger the speaker(s). An operator of the VMS can also speak through the speakers and utilize them as a public address system or as a deterrent for an intruder trespassing on the property. Further, the system can be utilized to warn occupants of certain security or safety risks and as such safely facilitate an evacuation or lock-down. With the open-source protocols in play, the benefits are endless, as it is not yet another proprietary system for a particular application, but instead the solution for all applications.

Network audio truly is a game-changer for the audio world, allowing for feature-rich communication, per speaker health testing and all the features a traditional audio solution would have. With outdoor and indoor capable hardware, flexible form factors and additional features such as motion detectors built into the individual speakers, these devices are the perfect solution for any business aiming to protect its assets.

How Network Audio Works

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Contrary to belief, when it comes to buildings, almost everything needs a cable running to it. Luckily we can design and install it for you.