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Running Like New

That’s what we strive for with our system maintenance and support offerings. Technology can be affected by outages and requires regular updates to stay current and functioning like new.

our services

Preventative Maintenance

Eliminate system issues and errors before they arise with our preventative maintenance packages.

Emergency System Support

When things don’t work as they are supposed to, a quick response and fix are needed, we can help get you back up and running.


All technology requires regular inspections to ensure the devices are as they are supposed to be and working at their peak performance.

How We Can Help

System Maintenance is crucial to minimize the possibility of downtime and to ensure all systems are up to date. Most devices are running some sort of software, which will need to be updated regularly. In addition to that, some pieces of software require the clean up of databases, so they are not slowed down by unnecessary information. Beyond the software, there is also the physical aspect that needs to be cared for. Enclosures should be regularly inspected for damage, cleaned from dust and debris and mounts should be inspected for any possible failures.

Without this regular maintenance the possibility of a failure grows exponentially and will bring with it significant costs, possibly even requiring a full system replacement. With preventative maintenance and a clearly defined life-cycle management plan, all technology will run to its highest potential and at the lowest possible cost level. Part of this life-cycle management is an upgrade schedule for devices, to make sure they are replaced before their average failure point. In addition, all applicable software maintenance with the software manufacturers should be kept current, as it minimizes the likelihood of unexpected costs down the road and offers access to software updates and technical support, as needed.

No matter the size of the solution, we take the time to discuss these items to make sure your technology is performing to its highest potential. Every one of our maintenance & support plans is tailored to the specific system and encompasses regular site visits for preventative maintenance activities, along with support in the event that something malfunctions.

What's included?


From software updates to the cleaning and performance monitoring of all systems, we are equipped to provide you with the support and preventative maintenance your systems need.


Based on the systems you are running, we will create customized service plans that include regular scheduled site visits. That way you have to worry about one less thing.


When it matters most, we are ready to respond and resolve any system issues that you may be experiencing. Our help-line is always ready to assist with any questions or issues that arise.

What is the Cost?

All of our packages are customized to the specific application. As part of that, certain services can be included or excluded, depending on the requirements for the site. Our plans can be bundles to include all access control, video surveillance, monitoring and even fire safety equipment, so it is an easy annual fee.

The benefits of these plans are a fixed annual cost for all technology requirements, without any surprises, and preferential pricing on new hardware for the site. As part of our services we monitor all systems for any errors and react to them before anyone is even aware there is an issue to be addressed. We are available 24 hours per day, 365 days a year to support our clients with any issues that may arise with their systems.

To get a cost estimate for your site, please reach out to us and we will be happy to assist. Contact us today, or if it is an urgent issue, please call us directly at 1-844-230-2730