Employee Parking, Guest Parking, Tenant Parking, who keeps track?

Parking lot activity can be challenging to control. Signs no longer deter people from parking in “restricted” spots. Our access control solutions can help you control and monitor vehicle and pedestrian access lots, parkades and yards. Whether you need to make sure that only authorized vehicles access the area, or want to time how long a guest vehicle has been on site, we can help. Furthermore we can create interactive displays for public lots, that show the drivers how many spots are available on each level or in a lot. Get a tighter grip on your parking policies, and you would be surprised what you can find out.

Some of what we can help with


Restricting Vehicle Access

High-traffic parking lot require a quick and reliable system for traffic pass-through. For yard access, rolling gates can speed up entry and exit, and add more security. You may also have areas that you want prevent vehicle access or open up a parking space during peak times or special events. Authorized provides automated gates, bollards, barriers and more. Everything can be controlled remotely which will minimize labour and insurance costs.


Guest Tracking & Authorized Parking

The beauty of today’s access security technology is that tracking entrances and exist is cost effective and more convenient. For example, if you offer time sensitive parking, such as 1-hour stay with exiting payment you can automate all these tasks. Furthermore you can have the system differentiate between a guest and an authorized vehicle so you know who is parking in your building and how long guests stay. Simple metrics, custom alerts and automated access give you more freedom to manage the rest of your business.


Interactive displays.

Looking for a free parking spot has practically become a contact sport. To alleviate guest stress and reduced revenue, Authorized provides solutions available that guests to get real-time space availability. With a simple glance at a screen, Your guests will no longer be frantic and you will be lauded for your forethought in planning. The same technology will also track the vehicles coming in and out to update the available spots, but also to get you valuable traffic metrics.

How it works

Modern cameras use the same networking technologies, that your computer, printer or other hardwired network devices use. Analog cameras on the other hand use analog signals, as the name suggests. Analog cameras and IP cameras had some trouble coexisting in the same environment, because of the different signals sent by each, and the restriction that the server could often only handle one type of camera.

The Solution:

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