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Automated doors are an excellent tool to facilitate pedestrian traffic flow and also offer an easier way of accessing the premises, offering assistance to people that may have disabilities preventing them from accessing a door.

Entrance Systems

Entrance systems are more than just a door operator that opens the door at the click of a button. Automatic entrances can facilitate quicker pedestrian movement and facilitate access for people with disabilities. From the obvious advantages that automatic doors offer, they can also assist in controlling the indoor climate, by minimizing the time the doors are open and moving sideways, instead of opening outward.

When it comes to automatic entrance systems, the duty cycles and maintenance requirements are key factors in determining the proper operator for any door. We work with Assa Abloy, providing the leading door control technologies and offering one of the lowest total cost of ownership of any door operator or sliding door. Our door operators and sliding doors can ensure all building code requirements are met, while facilitating a cost effective way of controlling access to the premises.

Our offerings include swing door operators, sliding doors, revolving doors and even specialty application doors and operators. The wide range of solution allows us to meet any applications requirements. Coupled with the right access control system, the door operators can be triggered automatically based on the cardholders requirements, removing the separate interaction with a button or wave switch.

How Automated entrances help

Other Technologies you may be interested in

Access Control

Combining automatic doors with the right access control solution ensures the security and effectiveness of the openings.

Vehicle Access

Vehicles need a place to go as well. Controlling traffic is crucial and with automated solutions it can be very easily facilitated.


Mobile and biometric credentials allow for easier access by allowing the user to use something they always have with them.