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Assa Abloy

Learn more about our door hardware and electronic door solution partner. We are proud to be a partner with Assa Abloy and are excited to be able to offer their broad product range to our clients.

Who is Assa Abloy?

As their slogan suggest, Assa Abloy is a leader in door opening solutions. We walk through doors every day and chances are, at least one piece of the door hardware is manufactured by one of the many brands that form Assa Abloy.

Assa Abloy was created through a merger in 1994 and has been acquiring companies ever since. Headquartered in Sweden, Assa Abloy is now a global manufacturer of door hardware and electric door solutions, from access controlled locks, key management systems and door operators to commercial overhead doors and even hangar doors, Assa Abloy covers a broad range of solutions across the access market and is truly an industry leader through support and quality.

Most solutions are custom-made due to the various options that Assa Abloy offers, allowing the integrator to meet any requirements that the project may have. We recommend Assa Abloy for all door hardware solution because of their capabilities of meeting all needs, while ensuring the solution also looks the part.

Our Certifications

Assa Abloy certified integrator logo

We are proud to say Authorized Security is a Certified Integrator of Assa Abloy products. We are certified for both the IP Enabled and Aperio product lines of access controlled locks, allowing us to install and maintain these solutions. Further we are trained and certified to install and support Medeco XT Smart Key solutions along with Traka Key management systems. The certification process includes rigorous training and eligibility requirements to ensure we are equipped to install and maintain these solutions. Assa Abloy is one of our preferred manufacturers because of their broad product offerings, excellent support and industry leading quality

Segments Served

Entrance Systems

Assa Abloy offers a wide range of entrance systems from door operators to sliding doors, along with options for fire doors and even overhead door systems. As one of the most versatile manufacturers in the segment and by far the largest manufacturer world-wide Assa Abloy offers the products and support to ensure every project is a success.

Smart Keys

Likely one of the most existing products that Assa Abloy offers is their Medeco XT product offering. As a certified partner, we are proud to offer this product. Medeco XT is a smart key platform offering full audit logs of where the keys are used and with an integration to Traka, the keys can be restricted on access and who can use them. For a full replacement for keys, Medeco XT is the perfect platform to achieve this feat.

Door Hardware

Assa Abloy owns several door hardware manufacturers, such as Sargent, Corbin Russwin, Yale and many more. Through the extensive offerings of these manufacturers, Assa Abloy offers the right product for the door, no matter how specialized. Assa Abloy also offers access controlled locks that are very unique and can be matched with many applications, such as the G100 or IN120 locks noted below.

Key Management

Assa Abloy offers Key Management systems through their Traka line. Traka integrates with most access control systems and allows for keys to be assigned to a specific user. The systems keep track of when the keys were signed out, who last had them and also protects the keys from unauthorized access. An integration with Medeco XT offers the tracking of all smart keys as well.

Product Spotlight

Adams Rite G100 Glass Door Lock

The Adams Rite G100 wireless glass door lock is a very unique lock that offers an easy solution to a common problem, securing a glass door. Traditionally a magnetic lock would have been required to allow a glass door to be protected from unauthorized access. The G100 offers all the protection needed and connects to the access control system through the Assa Abloy Aperio wireless technology. It offers support for 13.56 MHz credentials and even mobile credentials, encrypting all communication to its hub and beyond. It truly is a very cost effective solution for any glass door that needs to be access controlled.

Adams Rite G100 glass door lock
Range of Medeco XT locks and keys

Assa Abloy Medeco XT

Medeco XT is a smart key line by Assa Abloy. Keys get lost and keep no track of where they were used. A key can also unlock any lock that it fits into, whereas the Medeco XT locks solve that problem. Through an easy lock cylinder replacement or other solutions, such as pad locks, drawer locks and rack enclosure locks, the access to these specific locks can be restricted, The smart key holds the credential for the person it is assigned to and keeps and audit log of where and when it was used. It also only unlocks the locks that it is assigned to, ultimately making the Medeco XT enabled doors an access controlled door, even for remote sites. The beauty of it all is that the key is the battery and the locks themselves do not require any source of power at all.

Sargent / Corbin Russwin PoE & WiFi Locks

Assa Abloy offers many products through several of the brands they own. Their PoE and WiFi locks are no exception to this rule. The product offering is quite unique, as the locks can be installed right on the door and are an integral part of the door. A single category 5 or 6 cable is then connected to the lock and it supplies all power and data connectivity to the lock for communication to the access control system. The WiFi locks offer the same functionality, but achieve this wireless and are powered via batteries or a local power source. Both locks are an excellent solution for high density housing, high-access doors and offer a cost effective way to achieve access control on a door without affecting the aesthetics.

Assa Abloy Traka

Keys are slowly being replaced by access control systems on doors, but most buildings still have several keys to access certain areas or even individual devices, such as fire alarms, electrical panels and more. Traka, as the name suggests, assists with the tracking of keys. Through an integration with the access control system, the same credential that is used to open doors can be used to obtain keys from the Traka enclosure. Only the keys that the person is authorized for can be obtained and the unit tracks who checked the keys out and when they are returned. Unique alerting offers a reminder when keys are not returned on time, ensuring no keys go missing. Traka also integrates with the Medeco XT smart key offering. Traka will charge and connect the keys to the access control system to pull the audit trail into the system. The access control system will become the central interface for all Traka, Medeco XT and access activities in the building.