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Learn more about our door hardware and electronic door solution partner. We are proud to be a partner with Assa Abloy and are excited to be able to offer their broad product range to our clients.


DoorKing offers a very diverse range of access control solutions. From telephone entry systems to vehicle access systems and everything in between, DoorKing has a solution to match the application.

With everything assembled and designed right in California, all products are manufactured to the highest standards and are built to last. DoorKing has the warranties to back their products up and with a wide range of optional accessories all systems can be customized for any requirements. 

Most DoorKing solutions can be connected together allowing for traffic control and ease of access throughout any facility. The telephone entry systems can accommodate as few or as many users as needed, while the gate operators and barrier gates can be matched to the application based on the size of the opening and the gate specifications. When it comes to vehicle access and traffic control, DoorKing is the clear choice.

Our Certifications

We are proud to say Authorized Security is a Certified Distributor of DoorKing products.

Segments Served

Vehicle Access

DoorKing offers a wide range of barrier gates and sliding gate operators for vehicle access. All products are designed for long term use, with the use of metal and premium products throughout the operators. For sliding gates, DoorKing has a range of operators for any size and length gate, while their barrier gate operators offer a wide range of options and lengths available, while also taking into account the duty cycles of any application.

Access Control

DoorKing serves the access control market with a wide range of readers and their telephone entry systems. With an easy to use interface, the telephone entry systems shine in any size application, granting access to any building or vehicular access roads. The systems can be integrated into an access control system, or DoorKings own system can be used to provide access throughout the premises and manage traffic.

Product Spotlight

​DKS Lighted Arms

Today’s drivers are distracted, be it by the every-day stresses, their vehicles infotainment, a phone call or worst case an email or text message. With all these factors, it is important that barriers catch the drivers eye when they are rolling up to it. Doorking has a solution with their lighted arms that are red when it is unsafe to pass through and turns green upon opening fully. This ensures your investment is protected and offers an easy way for drivers to notice the barrier gates, especially during night time. The arms are available in most sizes and configurations and are built for longevity. All usual safety features are still compatible with the arms, ensuring no vehicles are going to be damaged by the arm.

DKS Lane Barrier

The DoorKing Lane Barrier is an innovative way of preventing unauthorized access and protecting your investment into a barrier gate. Controlling traffic and preventing tailgating into properties is crucial and the Lane Barrier product can achieve both. With exceptional duty cycles and speeds, the lane barrier is an efficient solution to allow for easy access to the property, if authorized. The lane barrier also ensures that your barrier gate is not damaged by any incidents of a vehicle attempting to ram through the barrier. Best of all, it is surface mounted and does not require a separate motor to run, minimizing investment costs and maximizing functionality.