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Keys Reinvented

Imagine a world where a key can be defined to unlock only specific doors, on a specific schedule, all while keeping an audit trail of which doors were accessed and when? Enter Mededco XT

Smart Key Systems

Keys are everywhere and are difficult to control. From master key systems to high security locks, everything is being done not to lose control over key systems, yet most organizations have at least one key, if not several that is likely in the wrong hands. All of this is can be a thing of the past with a smart key system, specifically Medeco’s XT system.

Medeco XT is a solution that will turn any door into an access controlled door, and do it cost-effectively. In addition to doors, XT also has a wide range of additional locks from pad locks to server rack locks and even cabinet locks that can be retrofitted into existing cabinets. The beauty of a smart key is its flexiblity. It will record all access events, whether it is access granted or denied. Additionally it carries a database of all locks that it has access to and on what schedule. This can be user specific and set to expire regularly for additional security.

Remote sites and low traffic doors are the perfect candidate for a smart key solution, as it takes the risks that keys present out of the equation, while still offering most of the options that an access control system brings with it. Existing locks can be replaced with the Medeco XT locks and can be immediately used with the new keys. Through an integration with Traka, the key distribution is also guaranteed, ensuring all keys are charged and ready to go, while also offering downloading functions the second the key docks in the Traka unit for the audit trail tracking from within the access control system.

Make any lock an access controlled lock and control it on the fly with your access control solution through a full integration. Worried about access for workers or contractors? The keys can be updated on the fly through Bluetooth functionality, should a specific access level be required that the key does not currently carry. Medeco XT is the most versatile key replacement solution that is the future of managing access for any building.

How Medeco XT Works

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Access Control

Having an access control system that can integrate with Medeco XT and offer solutions for higher traffic doors is crucial.

Key Management

As part of the smart keys a key management system should be used to allow for charging and downloading of the keys.


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