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Vehicles require control when it comes to parking and loading areas. Securing these areas can be tough and requires extensive planning to ensure the accessibility and durability of the systems required.

Vehicle Access Solutions

Vehicles can be tough to keep out of areas and to control the flow of traffic throughout a facility. When it comes to loading areas it is crucial that only authorized vehicles gain access and are allowed to dock. Additionally, it is important to limit the number of vehicles and control the flow of traffic to minimize the risk for a safety incident. Vehicle solutions are a specialized field and requires additional planning, as the use of the area, the size of the vehicles and the flow of traffic all need to be accounted for.

We carry solutions from automated gates and barrier gates to long-range vehicle authentication and parking control systems. Authenticating a vehicle or the driver within the vehicle is the first challenge and it is ultimately the authorization for access onto the property. Without proper authorization, the vehicle will be denied access. There are various solutions from vehicle-specific credentials to pedestals with card readers mounted on them to allow the driver to swipe their credential on.

Automating gates or installing barrier gates also required additional consideration when it comes to the safety of pedestrians and the vehicle occupants. Proper safeguards have to be put in place to prevent the gate from closing too soon. The motors we use all come with several inputs for safety features, such as photo-beams, ground loops and more.

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Other Technologies you may be interested in

Allowing vehicles access through automated gates and barrier gates will save time and offer a significant improvement to security.

Automating doors for pedestrians offers similar benefits to automatic vehicle access, optimizing traffic flow and maximizing efficiency.

Allowing vehicles to get through gates is one thing, but properly authenticating the vehicle and/or the driver is crucial to security.