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Deter and Detect

An intrusion detection system will aid as a deterrent from any intrusions into the property. Proper system design will ensure early detection in the event of an intrusion and will aid in disorientating the burglar, allowing for a proper response from a security guard or the authorities.

Intrusion Detection & Monitoring

Most modern fire alarm systems require monitoring, which is governed by the Underwriter’s Laboratory Canada (ULC) Standard, known as ULC-S561-03. This standard not only outlines the requirements for the system itself, but also the installing and maintaining company, along with the standards for monitoring.

We are proud to say that we are an ULC listed company and can offer these monitoring services for our customers. Where we differ is that we actually go above and beyond the standards, as we view them as a minimum requirement. We have partnered with Bosch to provide the best possible fire monitoring solution on the market, with up to eight separate communication channels to the monitoring station, while most other systems and companies are limited to two communication paths, the bare minimum.The system is also significantly easier to use than anything else on the market and allows for quick and easy troubleshooting and system administration. Additionally, the Bosch alarm system is rated to allow for the intrusion and ULC Fire Monitoring portions to be performed by the same system, creating savings in monitoring costs, and simplifying the solution significantly, by giving you only one system to administer.

Our monthly monitoring pricing is very straight forward and we do not have any hidden costs. The ULC S561-03 Standard requires an annual inspection to be performed on any ULC listed system. We include the cost for this inspection in our monthly monitoring fees, instead of charging separately for this. This is one of the many ways we provide easy to understand pricing, that you can actually count on.

Why us?

ULC Listed Company

We are fully ULC listed and authorized to provide fire monitoring solutions for your fire alarm panels across Western Canada.


ULC Monitoring systems are oftentimes forgotten about until the last moment. We carry the stock and can install right away.

Easy Pricing

From flat-rate installations to our monthly monitoring fees with no hidden fees, we allow for easy budgeting, so you can focus on your business.

Complimentary Services

Our consulting team can assist from the planning stage in designing access systems and coordinating door hardware before the shovel hits the ground.   

Having a system controlling your doors is great, but only as great as the people watching over it. We can help with our monitoring solutions.

Contrary to belief, when it comes to buildings, almost everything needs a cable running to it. Luckily we can design and install it for you.