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Let us do the heavy lifting

Building technologies need to be designed properly to harmonize with each other. Without compatibility and a clear vision from the start, the technologies can become a burden instead of the original intended solution. Our team can help by asking the right questions and create the foundation of your systems.

our TECHNOLOGY Consulting services

Risk & Vulnerability

What are you actually protecting your building from? Is it environmental, security or simply code related? Get our input.


Whether you are designing a building or creating a standard for a nationwide brand, the technology needs to be properly defined.


When the last device is installed, all systems need to be checked for functionality. We can assist with full testing and documentation.

Door Hardware

Nothing is more frustrating than having door hardware that does not fulfill the purpose or doors opening onto each other. Let us help.


Security and Life Safety tends to be an after-thought and can be easily forgotten, until it is too late. We can help change this for your project.

Trades Coordination

When it comes to construction, multiple trades will need to be organized. We can help create a clear message and path.

How we can help on your next project

We hear it regularly: “if only we knew about this beforehand”. Construction is a busy time and it is important to nail every detail before the shovels hit the ground. Technology can be a very confusing and overwhelming aspect to building design, since it needs to connect to almost every aspect and controls significant parts of the building, such as the access, guidance throughout and environmental factors.
The decision should be to hire a consulting firm that can assist with these designs and come up with recommendations based on conversations. It is crucial to have conversations about the requirements and possibilities, to make sure the building technology meets all the needs and incorporates any future expansion or growth.
That is where we come in. With our consulting partners, we can provide a clear path forward through designs, specifications and assessments of the project. Clear cost estimates can be established and recommendations can be made for future expansions, as well as functionalities that may be a “nice to have”. From the designs, we can take the project all the way to completion and commissioning.
The beauty of this project is that we can assist with the designs and provide the materials required for an RFP or RFQ for the project. From there we can assist with the review of the proposals and will gladly outline all options to you. Should there be a better proposal than what we are offering, we will recommend that you go with them. It is our goal to ensure your projects technology segment fulfills all the requirements and meets the installation quality that any enterprise project should have.

Our Consulting Partner

Technik Consulting Group is our consulting partner of choice. Technik starts with a very simply approach, by having a conversation. Instead of re-inventing the wheel and proceeding with a complicated design for the current layout, Technik aims to assist with the building design process by using CPTED.

The initial conversation will cover the needs and requirements the occupants of the building have and will establish the base level of systems to be integrated. From this conversation, many things will become apparent, such as the number of doors that require security, location and quantity of cameras and even who controls and uses the systems on a regular basis. These are all crucial aspects to be decided prior to creating a full plan of the system, and unfortunately most of these items are usually overlooked for a new construction project.

See for yourself how Authorized Security and Technik Consulting Group can assist you with your next project.