Make Yourself Heard

Audio plays an important role when it comes to almost any business. Whether it is used for announcements, background music, event amplification or for music as a main part of the business. Getting the right sound quality is essential.

Venue Audio

Retail stores, houses of worship, restaurants and many more all have audio systems installed. While some audio systems may be more sophisticated than others, the principle is the same. Either music or announcements are played through the audio system to make customers feel more comfortable, or to bring a message across. Some venues have a live portion for music as well, requiring the proper audio solution to bring that sound to the masses, while not over-powering the listeners.

Having a versatile system that can accommodate every scenario thrown at it, while still providing crisp and clear audio. Our offerings include solutions for conference rooms all the way to large concert venues. These systems allow for an interconnection between all the systems, allowing each room to be individually managed, while an administrator can override the system to provide an announcement throughout the entire building, if needed. These solutions can actively monitor the sound level throughout the room and adjust the volume on the fly, ensuring clear and intelligible sound to everyone’s ears.

The same system can accommodate a concert venue and the background music for the exterior areas or any offices that may be part of the complex, all on the same system. This ultimately minimizes the cost for hardware and the learning curve for any system operators. Permissions allow the system to be controlled only by people authorized to do so, while still offering individual zone control for individuals occupying a conference room for example.

Network Media Systems

Other Technologies you may be interested in

Surveillance Cameras

Integrating a radar solution with video surveillance cameras allows for highly precise tracking of intruders and assets.

CCTV Recording

With a radar sensor, the need for a recording solution becomes all the more apparent to integrate the radar with your surveillance cameras.

Structured Cabling

Contrary to belief, when it comes to buildings, almost everything needs a cable running to it. Luckily we can design and install it for you.