Seeing is Believing

Modern video solutions can range from presentation and conference room screens to advertisement and customer engagement via video walls.  Through innovative controls and commercial solutions, we can create the perfect platform for your presentations or brand.

Video Displays / Video Walls

Seeing is believing. Video is all around us and helps guide the way and advertise new products or services. Video screens can replace static menu boards and maps, while offering the opportunity for dynamic content. With touch-enabled screens, the user interaction allows for easier way-finding and more opportunities to advertise to the viewers needs.

When selecting a video display, the application needs to be carefully considered, as run-times will make a significant difference for the selection of display. Many displays are not meant to run 24 hours per day, which may void the warranty if they are used in such an application.

Video walls are another impressive feature that can allow for advertising and information displays throughout a facility, offering all required information to any visitors. The size will ensure the message is seen clearly and can be strategically located in an area where people walk past or stand, such as an escalator. Video displays and walls allow for easy updating of content, often at a click of a button. With integrated computers, digital signage applications can easily be loaded and displayed without the need for any clunky hardware. Many screens are also network connected, allowing them to easily be updated for the latest content and messaging.

Remote health monitoring of all displays is also possible, ensuring all displays are functioning and displaying the right information. Customized alerts can trigger responses from on-site staff or dispatch a technician to ensure the issue is attended to and resolved as soon as it occurs.


Play your Content where you need it

Other Technologies you may be interested in

Surveillance Cameras

Integrating a radar solution with video surveillance cameras allows for highly precise tracking of intruders and assets.

CCTV Recording

With a radar sensor, the need for a recording solution becomes all the more apparent to integrate the radar with your surveillance cameras.

Structured Cabling

Contrary to belief, when it comes to buildings, almost everything needs a cable running to it. Luckily we can design and install it for you.