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More than meets the eye

When it comes to video surveillance cameras, it is crucial to pick the right camera for the job. Lighting, activity, analytics, mounting and site conditions all matter when it comes to product selection.

Video Surveillance Cameras

When it comes to video surveillance, there is no one size fits all. In fact, there are major differences between manufacturers, camera types, system functionality and even the longevity of the solution. We specialize in the design and installation of video surveillance systems, which includes the cameras, the recording system and the associated infrastructure to make it all work together. While video surveillance is traditionally an after-the-fact tool, we aim to change that, by taking the time to properly configure your systems, opening the door for your surveillance system to become a tool that is actively assisting your daily operations.

Cameras are complex, as they are ultimately imitating the human eye. Just like the human eye, seeing at night is a challenge that needs to be overcome. There are several different solutions for this, but which is the right for your scenario? There are also several camera styles and the constant innovation in the segment can make it difficult to keep track of what might be the best fit for your application. From dome and bullet cameras to Pan/Tilt/Zoom, fish-eye and multi-sensor or panoramic cameras, we have the right camera for your site and the expertise to match it to your needs.

While not technically cameras, but an associated surveillance device, we also work with a fairly new  product, that is radar. Radar can aid a surveillance camera in hard to see areas or wide areas that would traditionally require a significant number of cameras. The same radar technology that tracks thousands of aircraft in the sky every day, can be utilized in your surveillance setup to catch an intruder in the moment they trespass, allowing for an immediate response to the issue and ultimately protecting your site, assets and employees.

Dome Cameras

As one of the most well-known form factors, the dome camera is a mainstay for any video surveillance installation

Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras, while bulky, offer several benefits over other types of cameras, with enhanced zoom and night vision capabilities.

Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras

Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras, do exactly that. These cameras are effective for monitored systems and systems utilizing enhanced analytics.

Multi-Sensor Cameras

I don’t have eyes in the back of my head, or do you. Multi-sensor cameras offer a multi-directional view in one compact package.

Fisheye Cameras

Fisheye cameras offer a cost-effective solution for a 360 or 180 degree view to avoid blind-spots, at the cost of some warping.


As one of the newest surveillance technologies, radar offers an easy way to spot activity in a large area, through the use of radiowaves.

Explosion Cameras

Some areas require intrinsically safe cameras due to explosion hazards. We source the right camera for the job and we can install it too.

Body-Worn cameras

Oftentimes it would be great to see a first person view of what happened during an altercation. We can help make that possible.

Covert Cameras

Sometimes it is important to capture all details, but keep it confidential. With our covert camera solutions, we can get the job done.

Why us?

We are Certified

When it comes to video surveillance many factors come into play. Getting a clear image is important, and we are certified to get you exactly that.

Product Demonstrations

You are about to invest in a new solution, but it is likely not your area of expertise. Let us show you the software and the cameras we recommend, before you commit to your new system


Our technicians are trained with the solutions we installed, so we can offer same day support. In the event of a warranty case, our manufacturer partnerships ensure we get you back up and running in no time.

Complimentary Services


Video surveillance systems are complex and can be paired with access and audio systems, let us help you get it right.


You are busy running your business, why not let us do the heavy lifting. We can monitor your surveillance system for any irregularities.

Structured Cabling

The backbone of any security installation is the infrastructure of copper and fiber. We can help install and maintain it.