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Open more doors for your business

Protecting sensitive areas, controlling access into your premises, tracking keys and managing vehicle access onto your property, seems like a daunting task. With the correct access control solution, it couldn’t be easier.

Our Access Solutions

Allowing access to your buildings, but yet managing it can be tough. With sliding doors, revolving doors, speed gates and more, we can help. 

Vehicles also need a place to go. From intelligent parking solutions to gate operators and barrier gates, we can design and implement the system you need.

With today’s technology devices, such as smartphones or attributes such as fingerprints can be used for access. We have the solutions to get your employees in the door.

Controlling access into or within your premises is an important security aspect. Not only will an access control system save you money, it will also allow for quicker access and easy administration.

While access control systems are replacing keys, there are still areas where this is not practical. With our smart key solutions, we can get a full audit trail on remote sites and even on specialty locks.

Keys are with us and they are here to stay. Managing these keys to avoid a costly re-key of your locks is “key”. With our intelligent key management solutions you decide who gets which key and when.

What our Access Solutions Can Do For YoU

It’s something we do not think about, but everyone walks through thousands of doors in their lifetime. Access solutions are crucial to allow customers into a business, but also to keep unauthorized personnel from restricted areas. Vehicles are quite similar, a place to park is required to visit, but yet some areas may be restricted.

We offer solutions to both enable and restrict access, for your employees, customers and even vehicles. From locations that still utilize traditional keys to access controlled environments, we have partnered with manufactures and are trained to take care of your projects from top to bottom.

Access control can protect your premises from a break-in, control who can enter and at what scheduled times they are allowed access. Additionally, we can enable access for people with disabilities or that simply require some more time to get through the door. For vehicles, we have several solutions for sliding gates and barrier gates as well as long range authentication to allow vehicles into your premises.

Our access control systems can support a wide variety of credentials, from standard keyfobs to more encrypted and high security formats. This ensures an easy path for retrofitting existing access control systems. In addition, our systems can support mobile and biometric credentials, making the smartphone or even a fingerprint the authentication method for any door. These credentials can be deployed on a single door or function across thousands of doors,with an easily scalable system.


Our Trusted Manufacturers


Open Options provides an excellent enterprise level access control solution with a vast range of integrations, allowing their software, DNAFusion to become your central security hub.


Bosch offers a variety of access control solutions that can fully integrate with their other security offerings, creating an easy to use, feature-rich security environment.


As one of the most commonly used systems, Kantech can serve a single door installation to an enterprise level system. Kantech offers many integrations.


Powering your security systems is arguably one of the most important aspects. Without power, the systems will not function. Life Safety Power offers several power solutions with redundancy and monitoring capabilites


Keys are a necessary evil in a business environment. Whether it is building keys, car keys or even smart keys. Traka has solutions that not only track these, but also allow to manage access to them and the doors they lead to.


HID offers proximity card readers, card printers and many more solutions for access control credentials. With the industry leader on your side, your system will benefit from the latest standards and advancements, securing your premises day by day.


NEDAP specializes in vehicle authentication and parking controls. By offering long range credentials that be fit to just about any vehicle and used with personal credentials, NEDAP offers an easy to deploy system for vehicle access into parking garage or similar.


Farpointe offers a wide range of access control readers and credentials. Farpointe offers a unique all-in-one credential for vehicle and personal use and also offer credentials for smartphones, opening doors at the click of the touchscreen or a simple twist of the phone.


DoorKing is one of the leaders in the gate operator segment. From barrier gates to sliding gates and even swing gates, they have you covered. Their offering also includes several intercom entry systems, which are the perfect solution for multi-tenant spaces and integrate with their gate controls.

Assa Abloy

Assa Abloy offers almost every type of door hardware that can be desired. From Entrance systems, individual locksets, panic hardware and even overhead door solutions, we can offer a wide range of solutions that have the quality and stamp of approval from the worlds largest lock manufacturer.



Whether you are building new or retrofitting, we can assist with the design of the solution and specifying the hardware of the job. Our experts can assist with every aspect from the cabling to the installation and standardization on equipment.


We not only design the solutions, but also install them up to the necessary standards. Our technicians are all trained and certified on the products and will provide a first-class installation experience every time.


Technology requires regular maintenance to ensure longevity and uptime. We offer several maintenance plans that cover the maintenance on all equipment and offer support for when it is needed, 24 hours a day.

Complimentary Services


Our consulting team can assist from the planning stage in designing access systems and coordinating door hardware before the shovel hits the ground.   


Having a system controlling your doors is great, but only as great as the people watching over it. We can help with our monitoring solutions.

Structured Cabling

Contrary to belief, when it comes to buildings, almost everything needs a cable running to it. Luckily we can design and install it for you.